Hi, my name is Amanda Dorrier and I am the owner of Simply Flamazing Art, LLC.

I have loved art my whole life!  Painting is just one form of art!  I love being creative in general.   I love making beautiful things, drawing, sewing, crafting and painting!    I like working with different mediums and different materials from acrylics to watercolors and canvases to wood, everything in between!  I consider my garden and flower containers even to be a form of art.

Something interesting about me, it has only been recently that I started creating art for myself.  For many years I only painted or sewed or crafted to give to others, and I only shared my art with my small circle of close friends and family!   It wasn't until I started posting the art I created for myself and got such a response that I decided to start a business sharing my love of art with others.  

Simply Flamazing Art was born.   Strange name, maybe, but it all started with my sister's love of flamingos and a sign I made her.  That started the path that I am on so it seemed fitting that the name in someway included a flamingo.  Besides they are beautiful, and flamboyant and bold, exactly as we as artist want to be!  I look forward to painting with you! 

I want to thank you for supporting my small business.  I am looking forward to getting to know you and having some fun creating beautiful works art.  I firmly believe everyone can paint.

I can show you how.