Collection: Decoupage Papers

The best decoupage paper is commonly referred to as "rice paper". Decoupage rice paper is perfect for both amateurs and professionals. Its most important features are exceptional durability, ease of "broadcasting" on round objects and, above all, clearly visible, large, characteristic fibers. These fibers are very decorative and the whole structure of this paper makes the motifs torn out of it easily blend in with the background of the decoupage art work. Working with this paper is incomparably easier than with napkins or regular papers. Rice paper is suitable for use on all surfaces ( glass, wood, mdf, polystyrene or other) .Items made with "rice" stand out from the rest. Working with this paper is also less demanding and there are no special recommendations as to the technique or the glue used. A specially selected printing technique makes the colors of this paper resistant to water or glues and does not fade .