The  Emergency Plan for my FB/IG Pages if it is ever Necessary!!!

The Emergency Plan for my FB/IG Pages if it is ever Necessary!!!

A lot of creatives, artists like me have lost their FB and IG pages lately to hackers.  It is a big deal, they gain access and lock you out and you lose your account and all your content!   I know terrible, people who just want to harm others for fun.  I am trying to prepare just in case this were to happen to me so there is a plan in place for what you and I will do should disaster strike! 

What if one day my page just disappeared, then what?

How will you find me?

How will we stay connected?

What would be the plan?

Well here is the plan!!  I need your help! 

Step 1 - Get on my email list!!! This is how I will communicate with you! How you will know where to go should I have to start a new page, etc. This is also how I will keep you informed of what is happening.

Click  the link to join the email list if you aren't already on it or unsure if you are one it!  I don't send a lot of emails.   at the bottom you will see subscribe to our emails.

Step 2 - Make sure you have subscribed to my Youtube channel! and TikTok page.  With Facebook and Instagram pages being connected if one were to get taken over by a hacker, the other one would be soon to follow.

YouTube Channel --

TikTok --

 Pray this never happens, to mine or anyone's social media pages ever again but it is always good to have a plan!

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