Let's Be Social Media Friends!

Let's Be Social Media Friends!

Hi let's get social!  

Let's become friends on all the social media platforms!   Say hi and give me a follow!    Nothing like sharing the love of art together across all the fun internet hang out spots! 


Do you Facebook?    You probably do, you probably found me on Facebook!  Just double check you are following my Facebook page!    Click follow, and if you are following me, you can check that the notifications are set so you know when I am going live! 



Do you Instagram?   I am on Instagram!   Check it out and give me a follow!   



Do you Pinterest?  Who doesn't love Pinterest!!   If you don't, girl/boy friend you do not know what you are messing out on!   Pinterest has everything!  Want a recipe, find it on Pinterest, want to know fall trends for decorating your home...go to Pinterest.   Want to be inspired, go to Pinterest!    Pin it to Win it, as some say!!    So go check out my Pinterest page and give me a follow....oh and hey while you are at it, pin one of my pins! 



If you landed on my blog because of the Mission Impossible Game - Day 6 of Game Week 1 objectives on my Facebook page....well you just struck GOLD!  You just found the SECRET MISSION!     Complete the secret mission, let me know and you just won a little bit of happy mail!   Message me your address! SHHHH Don't tell others where the secret mission is....let them find it! 

Your Secret Mission if you choose to accept it,  Follow me on TIkTok!   my TikTok account has been around for a little while but I haven't done a whole lot with me, now is the time to start changing that!   So give me a follow and give me a little encouragement to get active!!    

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Mission Accomplished!

Dawn Miller

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