10 Favorite Art Supplies from Amazon

10 Favorite Art Supplies from Amazon

I am often asked what are my favorite Art Supplies.   For me, that depends on where you are buying!   So today I thought I would talk about my top 10 Favorite Art Supplies that I get from Amazon (aka the most supplies that have been reordered).   

If you are like me, you have a love hate relationship with Amazon!   You love how quickly you get things but hate how much money you end up spending. --- I know...I know....


So here are my 10 Favorite Supplies I get from Amazon!  Just Click the Pictures!

1. 8x10 Picture Frame Distressed White with Real Glass


2.    Christmas Ornaments - Natural Wood Slice ornaments pre-drilled - 30 Pcs  


3.   Christmas Ornaments -  20 Pack Clear Plastic Fillable Ornament Ball I get both sizes, the 3.15"/80mm and the 3.93"/100mm 


4.  Christmas Ornaments - Round Ornament Cap Christmas Replacement Ornament Caps - Silver & Gold


5.   Wisp Brushes -  Both Filbert and Flat,  if you can only get one, go with the filbert (first picture)


6.   Bohin Extra-Fine Chalk Pencil -- this pencil is a must if you are drawing on dark backgrounds! 


7.   150 Pieces Black White Carbon Transfer Paper Set Tracing Paper Carbon Graphite Copy Paper with 5 PCS Embossing Stylus -- More graphite paper than you would use in a lifetime, but the price is right!! plus check out those cute styluses.  



8. GLASS!   These are but a few - to see all the glass I buy from Amazon, check out my Shop List - Glass! Glass I use for my art work - Here


9.    Art Resin --- I get the gallon which is two half gallons one part A and one part B.

10. Solo Foodservice R3-43107 Medicine Design Wax Coated Paper Graduated Cup 3 oz., 100 Count  & Disposable Epoxy Resin Mixing Cups Clear Plastic 10-Ounce 100-Pack



To see more, check out my Amazon Shop - Here 

*I am an amazon affiliate, which means I do earn a small amount when you buy items in my shop or linked above.  It doesn't change the price you pay, you just help my small business when you click on my store items, and I appreciate you and your support!   Thank you! 

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Need to order the chalk pencil

Brenda King

I use the glass from Amazon too! I also ordered those cute little styluses. I think I really NEED one of those extra fine chalk pencils though. 😬

Barbara Lee

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